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1953 Literature
Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual for 1949-1954  
Product # 104

The shop manual is the best investment you can make if you own a collectible car. Fully explained is operation, overhaul, removal, electrical, glass installation, etc., in easy-to-understand language. Covers ...

Price: $25.00
1953 Accessory Installation Manual  
Product # 129
Detail illustration of all accessories with part numbers and how they are installed. Great for installing accessories from other cars.
Price: $20.00
1953 Owners Manual  
Product # 101
This exact reproduction explains operation maintenance, controls, weights, tire pressure, etc. Every car had one of these in the glove box when new. High quality, display with your car.
Price: $12.00
1953 Owners Manual Set  
Product # 139
This set includes owners manual, accessory list-price sheet and printed envelope.
Set Price: $18.00
1953 Sales Brochure  
Product # 102
Color brochure features all models available in 1953. Foldout is 15" x 21."
Price: $12.00
1953 Service Bulletins  
Product # 120
Sent monthly by Chevrolet to update dealers on maintenance and changes. Sold by the calendar year, 12 issues per set.
Set Price: $23.00
Radiator tag  
Product # 203
Price: $4.00